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Our residential leasing service will help you find an ideal home in Shenzhen and make your relocation effortless. Our listings cover from Luohu to Nanshan. We have apartments, serviced apartments, studios, downtown lane houses, garden houses/villas near international schools, furnished or unfurnished. We list all types of residential properties including short and long-term leases, which are suitable for expatriates’ requirements.

  • Imperial Mansion Phase III

5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 422 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict
  • Imperial Mansion

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 256 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict
  • Mont Orchid Riverlet Phase III

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 71 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict
  • Jing Shan Villa Phase IX

5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 330 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict, Nanshan Disrtict
  • Jing Shan Villa Phase IX

5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 280 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict, Nanshan Disrtict
  • Jing Shan Villa Phase IX

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 225 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict, Nanshan Disrtict
  • Residence G Shenzhen

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 63 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict
  • Residence G Shenzhen

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 47 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Nanshan Disrtict
  • Somerset Grandview Shenzhen

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 71 sqm

 ¥ /month PROMOTION Futian District


“When I arrived in Beijing to find a new home for my family, my relocator cared so much and did not give up until she found the house that is perfect for us. She knows well the real estate market and also perfectly understands the needs of foreign families. That she combines both together in one person is a great asset. She also solves all issues that come up from time to time quickly and professionally.”

Mr. Jan Wenzelburger
Director, Daimler

“My consultant’s excellent network and experience in the housing market made a successful prolongation of our lease contract possible. She provides excellent support regarding all the housing-related requests within very fast time (even on weekend). We are very satisfied and will further recommend Fullhome to colleagues and friends.”

Dr. Christoph Goesselsberger
Senior Manager, BMW

“My consultant provided excellent service to us, always available, fast reaction, always willing to support!”?

Mr. Michael Zens
Senior Vice President, Bosch Rexroth

“My consultant is very efficient and professional of handling housing-related matters. I’m very satisfied with the house choice. We will recommend Fullhome to our friends and colleagues and we will use Fullhome again!”

Ms.?Rachel Dent
Principal, Harrow International School

“I am very satisfied with the choice of my agent. He is very helpful in all life in Beijing related matters.”

Mr. Mikhail Lemarenko
Interpretation Discipline Manager, Schlumberger

“Our consultant has been instrumental to settle in, housing and beyond. A great support and highest availability. Many thanks, it was really appreciated!”

Mr. Jérémie Guigoz
Corporate Chief Engineer, Nestle

“I’m appreciated for his professional service and experience to help me secure a good quality house in a strategic location within a short time frame. The house fulfills my expectation and requirements. Good job indeed!”

Mr. Lau Chong Ee
Senior Production Operation Consultant,?Schlumberger

“My relocator is very professional and supported me all the time. She is very kind and I got all the time quick responses and good proposals for new apartments. I also want to say a big thanks for all the support during my quarantine. I really can recommend my relocator from Fullhome.”

Dr. Fritz Mezger
Vice President, Daimler

“My relocator did a good job in helping us settling down when we just moved to Beijing and more importantly continually to support us afterwards which is much more appreciated. His professional way of working and personalized services offering made our first months much easier. A big “thank you” for all the support and help provided to us!”

Mr. David Fang
Vice President, Nestle

Fullhome worked quickly to understand our needs, then very quickly found us a property to match these needs. We have been very happy in the property. The after-service that we have received from Fullhome over the past three years has been first class. We are very grateful to Fullhome for looking after us so well during our stay in Beijing!

Mr. Nick Miller
Head of Corporate Services, British Embassy

“Great services received from Fullhome, definately would recommend! My consultant is very efficient, professional and prompt with her services.”

Ms. Nataliya Petrina
Head of Beverages, Nestle

Without my real estate consultant, the move to China would have been impossible.

Mr. Christian Benz
Senior Manager, Logistics Daimler

My real estate consultant has been very hardworking and professional, we are glad to have her help with our apartment. She is definitely an asset to the company and we wish her best of luck!

Ms. Tina Brenner
Vice President, BMW Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd.

My consultant was very well prepared and quickly understood the needs of my family!

Mr. Sylas Lopez
Head of Internal Auditing, Volkswagen

Our Relocation Services


Our customized orientation tour is a great way to familiarize new comers with a new city, our professional consultants will answer any and all questions/concerns you may have.

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Home Finding

With in-depth expertise, our professional consultants will help you to pre-select, short list the available options and go with you to viewings. They are your invaluable resource.

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Educational Assistance

Our school map on our website will help you to gather all essential information to contact schools which is the most important move related concern for families with children.

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Visa & Immigration

Our in-house immigration team in concert with our destination service consultants make every step of your relocation process efficient.

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Our settling-in service will help you experience an efficient start in your new environment. We will help you with settling up your utilities, internet, mobile and banking.

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Tenancy Management

We are your partner during the duration of your entire lease term, as well as your link with your landlord and any help with any household issues.

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