General Questions

Is there a fee that I must pay for Fullhome’s service for finding my home?

You do not need to pay for our service. The landlord will pay an agency fee once the lease agreement is signed.

When should I begin the house hunting process?

We suggest that you start searching for a place one or two months before your desired lease commencement date.If you start house hunting too early, generally landlords will not agree to hold their properties for you, thus diminishing the chance of negotiating the best lease rates for you.

What type of housing is available for rent?

There are many housing options from which to choose; you may choose to find housing in apartment complexes, villas, or courtyards in Hutong areas. It is important to discuss with your property consultant before you decide where to locate your family based on your housing budget, office location, children’s school and other preferences.

Do I need a residence permit or work permit to lease a property in Suzhou?

No, you can lease a property without a residence permit. But if you will reside in Shanghai, you must apply for one. More information from the Shanghai Government on residence permits can be found here:

Are most of the properties furnished in Suzhou?

Yes. Most of the properties are furnished. However, some landlords can be flexible to remove part or all the furniture while somelandlords may refuse to remove any furniture simply because it is too much trouble to find someplace to store them. In some newly developed compounds, you may also request that the landlorddecorate the property according to your taste, such as purchasing the furniture together with the landlord or simply receiving a furniture allowance to buy the furniture by yourself.

What is usually provided in a fully furnished property?

Electrical appliances (such as TV set, refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer, DVD player), furniture (bed, sofa, coffee table, dining table, dining cabinet, study table and etc.,), curtains or blinds.

What about a Parking Space?

Most of the villas come with parking space; if not, it is likely you can park at the side of the road in front of your house. With apartments, you have to specifically ask and negotiate with the landlord, some landlords already purchased a parking space when they purchased the apartment, and some may not. Expect parking to involve an extra fee ranging from a few hundred RMB to 2,000 RMB/ month for a parking space. If you have a motorbike, a parking space may save you a lot of trouble as some compounds are very strict about parking.

Can I choose a newly-launched compound and what kind of problems may I have during my stay?

Newly-launched compounds usually offer competitive price to attract tenants. You may have to face the following problems such as constant construction noise during the day, unfinished facilities (gym, shops, restaurants and etc.,), immature management support, unstable hot water supply, etc., We would suggest youcheck the occupancy rate (maybe chat with a couple of tenants) as well as check the condition of its public facilities before you choose a newly-launched compound.